Minggu, 12 Februari 2012

dialog expressing surprise, like and dislike, proud, advice

Situation : 
     Japanese lesson at Rere sensei was absent due to illness, Irma, Mifta, Novi and Putri talk about Valentine's days and the plan they would do to the person they love.  

B: You already do not work?  
C: Oh yes I forgot, you already or not??  
A: do not do, sensei was absent.  
C: oh she is not present. why?  
D: I heard he was sick.  
C: oh my god, i hope she get well soon. 
A, B: i hope so.  
C: by the way, two more days valentine days, you're going to love what your boyfriend?  
D: I do not have a boyfriend.  
B: are you serious? 
D: I mean, I've broken two days ago. 
A: I hate to hear that.  
B: and what about you? What would you give to your boyfriend?  
C: if I do, I want to give special chocolate. he was very fond of chocolate.  
D: if ye A?  
A: I'm still confused, he does not like chocolate. do you think what should i do?  
C: i would take her place for romance. 
A: thats a good idea
B: ah just the clothes that do? the ordinary, not special.  
D: What do you want to give to your boyfriend? 
B: um, girlfriend? did I tell you that I have a girlfriend? 
A: so you do not have a girlfriend? 
D: you are great huh? I'm proud of you, do not have a boyfriend but can give advice.  
B: yes it is.  
A, C: sucks (while hitting). 
D: hahha

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